Short Guide to Navigating the EYW and MTH Airports in Key West

Short Guide to Navigating the EYW and MTH Airports in Key West

The airports in Key West, Florida, often confuse novice travelers and first-time tourists, especially EYW and MTH. The EYW and MTH airports are the primary airfields in Key West and transport millions of passengers to the area every year, making it essential to know how to navigate the airports to ensure you reach your destination as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Island Luxury Transportation created a short guide to teach you how to navigate EYW and MTH airports efficiently, allowing you to start your vacation or business trip without delay.

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How to Navigate EYW Airport

EYW Airport, also known as Key West International Airport, is a relatively small airfield with four major airlines flying to and from the airport. However, the airport’s small size doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate. Below are a few tips to help you navigate EYW airport.

Prepare for a Direct Trip

Unlike other United States airports, EYW doesn’t feature luxury services like Sky Cap and curbside check-in. Its small size makes it more straightforward and requires travelers to prepare for direct trips. Below are a few everyday airport luxuries EYW doesn’t offer.

  • Curbside check-in
  • Showers
  • Duty-free services
  • Sky Cap
  • Rest zones
  • Air shuttle

It’s best to prepare for a direct trip if you are traveling through EYW airport. However, EYW does have rental cars if travelers want to rent a personal vehicle.

Prepare to Walk

Key West International Airport’s small size makes it easy to walk to gates, restaurants, terminals, and other facilities within the airfield. Since EYW doesn’t offer internal shuttle services, you must walk to each location. Walking takes longer than riding a tram, so give yourself enough time to walk to each destination.

Have a Backup Plan for Layovers

Although rare, layovers sometimes occur at Key West International Airport. Fortunately, EYW is the closest airport to Key West’s iconic Mallory Square and Duval Street, making it easy to stay occupied and entertained during troublesome layovers. You can grab a drink at one of the several popular bars, enjoy delicious Key West cuisines, or take a stroll on nearby Smathers Beach to kill extra time.

Key West International Airport is also close to several high-quality hotels if you need a place to sleep while you wait for your next flight. Many offer shuttle services to and from EYW, allowing you to catch a ride during your layover without issue.

Island Luxury Transportation also offers private transportation services that will take you to your desired hotel if you experience a layover. Our first-class vehicles allow you to travel in luxury throughout your stay in Key West, ensuring you have an extraordinary experience every time you use our services.

How to Navigate MTH Airport

MTH Airport, also called Marathon International Airport, is incredibly small and only features one runway. Its small size makes it somewhat simple to navigate, but it can still confuse inexperienced travelers. However, if you utilize the below tips, you can traverse MTH airport swiftly.

Prepare to Walk

Like Key West International Airport, MTH offers limited transportation services and requires travelers to walk to most destinations. Fortunately, everything is easy to find and doesn’t take much time to reach, allowing you to maintain your strict schedule. However, arriving early is best to ensure you have enough time to make your flight.

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