How To Find a Reliable Chauffeur in Key West

How To Find a Reliable Chauffeur in Key West (1)

If you don’t want to wait on taxis or rideshares, you could book private transportation with a reliable chauffeur. Hiring a private car service in Key West is a great way to get around the city according to your schedule.

Unfortunately, not all private transportation companies offer the same caliber of customer service you’d expect from a luxury accommodation.

At Island Luxury Transportation, we understand that finding the best car service in Key West for your needs can be challenging. That’s why we offer these tips on finding a reliable chauffeur in our city.

5 Tips on Finding a Reliable Chauffeur

If you choose to hire a reliable chauffeur after reviewing the best sustainable travel tips, you shouldn’t pick the first option you see. Not all private car services offer the same level of care and professionalism. Use these tips to make the best decisions for your upcoming Key West trip.

1. Consider the Car Service’s Safety Protocols

Passenger safety should be one of the main priorities of a qualified chauffeur service. Only work with transportation companies that train their employees and properly vet their drivers by conducting deep background checks. Professional chauffeurs should have a spotless background and an impeccable driving record.

The car service should also take outstanding care of its fleet. Routine vehicle maintenance is a must, as is cleaning each car, SUV, van, or limo after every ride to ensure cleanliness. The car service’s vehicles should also include valid liability insurance and positive DOT inspections.

2. Learn the Transportation Service’s Availability

Punctuality is integral when hiring a luxury car service in Key West. Some companies offer local ground transportation services, while others partner with transportation services in other cities to extend the reach of their clientele.

Regardless of a company’s reach, you want to hire reliable chauffeurs who offer outstanding availability in Key West to ensure they meet your punctuality standards. You don’t want to risk hiring a private car service that outsources passengers to unreliable chauffeurs from other organizations.

3. Explore Vehicle Options

Luxury ground transportation comes in many forms, so private car services usually have different types of vehicles within their fleets. Each vehicle serves a purpose and can accommodate many passengers’ needs, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for a chauffeured car service in a vehicle that doesn’t suit your needs or preferences.

For example, if you and another person need reliable chauffeur services, you might choose a premium SUV or spacious sedan for your travels. Yet, a sprinter or mini-bus might be better for larger groups.

Before booking a reservation with a private car service, ensure the company has the type of vehicle you prefer within their fleet. It’s also a good idea to verify the size of a luxury transportation company’s fleet. Services with a small number of vehicles might not have the availability you need.

4. Choose Chauffeurs According to Driving Expertise and Customer Service

To find a reliable chauffeur, you should only choose companies that go above and beyond to ensure their drivers have the right training and professionalism to represent their luxury car service. Reputable transportation companies take time to vet their drivers by conducting thorough background checks and ensuring they have spotless driving records.

They also take time to train their drivers to provide excellent customer service while practicing discretion. Professional chauffeurs know how to tend to your needs while protecting your privacy inside the vehicle so you can be confident enough to relax, talk on the phone, or handle business during your ride.

5. Find Out About Pricing

You’re not likely going to pay bargain prices for the best, most reliable chauffeur services, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank, either. Before hiring a private car service, ensure you know what fees you’ll pay for the services you receive.

Some companies include chauffeur gratuity and tolls in their fees, while others have separate charges. Get multiple quotes from several companies to find the most reasonable prices.

Enjoy Professional Chauffeured Car Services in Key West With Island Luxury Transportation

Whether you want hourly car services or to book an airport transfer, Island Luxury Transportation is the company to call in Key West for a reliable chauffeur. We have an impressive, well-maintained fleet of premium SUVs and luxury Mercedes Sprinters. Our professional chauffeurs undergo rigorous training and vetting to ensure their ability to provide excellent customer service while transporting passengers safely.

Learn more about our rates and reservations by calling Island Luxury Transportation at (305) 475-2500.
Consider these reasons to hire an hourly car service, then call Island Luxury Transportation for a reservation.

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