Top Places to Stay when Visiting Key West

Visiting Kew West | The Places to Stay

Florida’s warm climate year-round, coupled with its exotic flora and fauna, fascinates everyone. The architecture features a light and airy Spanish and Mediterranean, matching its beautiful sceneries perfectly.

If you want to get away from the rush of the city and temporarily break your everyday routine, Florida is the perfect sanctuary to go to. But Florida is big; where to start? You can explore one of the most beautiful spots on the third rock, Key West. Before you take a tour around town, you must first find a place to stay. Here we have some of the lovely places to visit.

Hyatt Centric Key West Resort and Spa

Admire the endless and magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean at this resort and spa. Indulge in the freshness of seafood while sipping wine. Smell the scent of the ocean from your balcony while sipping coffee. You can have your food delivered to your room while enjoying the ‘hanging on to the end of the continent’ feeling people feel at Key West.

Waldorf-Astoria Resort, The Casa Marina

Luxury is not only the meaning of this resort, but it is the embodiment of it. The 100-year-old part of the hotel is surrounded by sky-high palm trees, giving you a break from digging the sand with your toes. The indoor and outdoor spas are a must and don’t forget to check the hotel restaurants that offer dining-on-the-beach style dining. There are also beach and pool concierges available for anyone’s convenience. And while you’re there, don’t miss the sand sculpture workshops and diving on the barrier reef.

The Marker Waterfront Resort

Instead of a small hotel room, The Marker offers you 400 square feet of luxury with an 85 square foot balcony. It has a great view of the sparkling blue marina and three pools, one with a poolside bar, so the fun doesn’t stop. There are many amenities you can enjoy, plus room service is available. You can have your breakfast cooked to order and sent to your room. From pork chops to fish tacos, you have tons of food and drink choices to go through.

Santa Maria Suites

If you want to feel the comfort of home while being spoiled by the hotel atmosphere, then Santa Maria Suites is for you. You will have access to concierges and a turndown service where you can eat ice cream and muffins to your heart’s content. Enjoy fresh seafood or have Japanese cuisine for dinner. Are you dipping your toes in the pool? Have some smoothies, popsicles, or fresh fruits while you do. There is also a stunning garden if you want a break from the ocean view.

Sunset Key Cottages

Do you want a vacation with just the sea and sand? Cottages are the ones for you. It is an exclusive and romantic accommodation in a private and secluded area. You can see the Gulf of Mexico from where you are, and the place is only accessible via boat. There are many amenities like fitness centers and basketball courts so that you can stick to your daily fitness routine.

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